Traveling in cities has become a cumbersome experience due to chockablock traffic and bad roads. And, if one has to go to a hospital, the ordeal is beyond the description of words. Many in cities don’t visit a hospital unless it is an emergency or it is inevitable. They are more than happy utilizing medical services at home.

Mr. Reddy had retired from the electricity department as an accounts officer. During his service, he always dreamed of a beautiful house that is far away from the mayhem of the city. So, he built himself a house on the outskirts. The neighborhood was pretty decent and his colony mostly consisted of retired employees with similar dreams.

He would do a bit of gardening, take his dog for a walk and then chat with his daughter from US on Skype. Life was pretty peaceful until he had a heart disease. He underwent surgery in a famous hospital and luckily the surgery was successful. Then started his harrowing experience.

He had to undergo medical tests frequently and visit his cardiologist periodically. This was when he felt the pain of commuting in the city. With a good 15 kilometers to travel, he had to trust cabs and autos for his transportation. The plight of elderly in metro cities of India is horrible when they have to travel alone in the city. His wife a homemaker used to accompany him, but that was of little help.

Many NRIs have this issue. Their parents stay back in the country and their heath care is a big concern to these people. The elderly parents want to lead an independent life and resist being put in an old age home. They are happy to stay in the home they built for themselves and want to remain independent.

There is a growing population of people like Mr. Reddy in India, our own baby boomers! And, providing medical services for this population is an essential service. However, for all people like Mr. Reddy who cannot go to a hospital frequently, there is good news.

CallHealth is a one stop shop for the health care needs of many people. It has come up with a concept of providing medical services at home. Not only is this a boon for the elderly, it is highly practical. Now, Mr. Reddy has to visit a hospital only in the case of an emergency; God forbid!

CallHealth provides a wide range of medical services at home. Its online doctor consultation provides the services of a doctor on a video call accompanied by a mobile health officer who checks the blood pressure, vitals, and conducts a physical examination. They provide services like diagnostic services that can also be done from home. Trained medical technicians and lab technicians come to visit the patients and collect samples and send them for testing. They later deliver the reports home.

When in need of nursing services for the elderly, CallHealth provides nursing service at home where trained nurses assist the elderly to lead a healthy life. From physiotherapy to online pharmacy, CallHealth has integrated health care services that can be accessed from home.

Now, Mr. Reddy get his lipid profile from home, meets he doctor on a video call and gets his medicines delivered home!