Preschool is now considered a necessity by most parents. With increasing nuclear families and working parents day care is a growing sector. Organised day care facilities with well-planned schedules and operations with viewing facility for parents is a unique feature that is not provided by any other brand.

Today, The Learning Curve offers the most compelling value proposition in the industry for business associates with an immensely rewarding educational venture.

Preschool franchise in India understand that the development of a child is not dependent only on the books. In today’s competitive world, right amount of exposure and practical knowledge has become imperative requisites. We help your child to take that first step towards her/his future. Our preschool and day-care center promises an enjoyable start of their journey at a setting which offers comfort and care of a home along with the diligence of a school.

In order to provide the best to children, Low investment preschool franchise have designed our educational system around well researched concepts such as “Inquiry based learning’ and “3C approach (‘Character, Competence and Content)”.

With an aim to make their learning entertaining Preschool franchise in India have derived various interesting activities and an enriching curriculum. Our kindergarten curriculum has been designed by amalgamating the unpretentious Indian values with the competence of Montessori methods, Regio Emilio, Howard Gardner Multiple intelligence theory .Kids Cube International understand the significant role pre – school education plays in shaping a child mental and physical being. Thus, we ensure that they are provided with the best.