Not many consider this, but a child care centre can bring a tremendous change in the lives of a kid. First and foremost thing, this is the budding state where a small kid is extremely impressionable and learns various things at the moment. This gives a major reason why parents should send their kids to the Kindergartens. There are several entrepreneurial ventures in the day care industry, which is absolutely fine. But, there should be a sense of professionalism in running these centres.

Teaching the young and receptive minds is not a cup of tea that every man or woman in their houses thinks they can do. Seriously, with the existing life schedule, the parents rarely do find some time for their kids and we don’t blame them for that. However, the one thing that parents could do is to find reliable child care centres in Machakos. Now, let us read those factors that are pertinent to selecting these centres. Here, they are:

  • Ambience – Children get accustomed to the places where they relate to. This is something that one cannot impose and shouldn’t. Although, at the start, a kid might be reluctant enough to join the new place, but that only happens for a few days as they have not seen the environment of the school. Therefore, it’s important that the environment is as ready to feed the curiosity of the kids.

  • Staff – It was noticed in several Kindergartens in Nairobi that they pay serious importance to the non-teaching staff as well. From the receptionist to the cleaners, all were contributing to the warm ambience for the kids. Moreover, they took firm steps in observing their background and meeting the highest standards possible. This is a welcome step that all schools must introduce.

  • Program – The curriculum has changed over the past decade and many in the different countries have resonated the feeling that the Kindergartners are learning the stuff that were earlier taught to the “First-graders”. Given a friendly environment, the teachers can impart knowledge in various ways. For example, in some schools, teachers utilize arts and crafts as a method to teach maths. Even if it is not done in that way, the fun element in learning always works positively.

Overall, the experts suggest that encouraging the critical and creative thinking of children will bear more fruit than forcing them through a boring schedule. Transformative ways have been discovered by teachers who have worked long years in nursery schools in Syokimau on what excites the children and what doesn’t. Notably, the new parents encourage such schooling and demand a friendly environment for the kids.

Pre-schooling is always helpful for the parents because that’s the time when they realize their kids’ capabilities and how their career can be shaped. Regarding fees and all, the school should be communicated, but that mustn’t remain the only factor for choosing a pre-school. Parents need to open their minds and prepare where they want to send their toddler, so that they can blossom.

About the Author:-

Jeff Smith has 10+ years of teaching experience in a pre-school. He has written various articles about the child care centres in Machakos and says how it has changed over a decade. Similar things he tells about the Kindergartens in Nairobi and the nursery schools in Syokimau. His experience and various stories of these schools guide him to impart knowledge to the toddlers.