For people who smoke, cigarette lighters are something that they cannot do without, because finding a box of matches is not always possible. Matches are cumbersome, but a butane lighter works all the time and is small enough to fit into a purse or pocket. Lighters usually come as oil or butane lighters; some butane lighters are throwaway pieces, but others are easily refillable and last years.


Exquisite Brass Lighters

For retailers selling these products, finding a quality wholesale lighters supplier is important, because of what they offer. Good novelty oil lighters are available in brass or steel and can be ordered individually; they are packed in special tin boxes and lined for added protection. Some are collectors’ items, because of the unique finishes available and excellent workmanship. Wholesale prices for these items range from US$ 4 to US$ 8, depending on the workmanship of individual pieces. Brass lighters are made from highly durable materials, like polished chrome, and usually have some sort of design etched on them. In most cases, there is no lighter fluid that is supplied with the product.


Quality Steel Lighters

Wholesale lighters made of steel are much cheaper to buy wholesale; they are oil burners, are windproof and refillable; they come with replaceable wicks and are available from US$18 to US$30 for a dozen pieces. The normal steel etched lighters have etched designs on polished steel, but the expensive models come in three colors and have laser-etched designs, giving them a quality feel, look, and finish. Again, these lighters too are not sold with lighter fluid; they come with a wide variety of designs and graphics, with some bestselling models displaying marijuana themes. Filling the lighters involve removing of the insert, turning it upside down, and saturating the cotton filling with the lighter fluid. Care must be exercised when refilling not to over saturate the filling.


Lighter Replacement Items

Besides dealing in wholesale lighters, companies also stock lighter accessories like small leather pouches to hold and protect lighters from scratches and other damage, especially if carried around in a purse or pocket. They are sold in batches of 10 and are available from US$24. Replacement wicks and flints for the oil lighters are also available and come in individual packs containing 7 flints and one wick. They come in attractive boxes and make quite an impression on display stands; wholesale rates for a box of wicks and flint is around US$12 for 20 units. Another popular item for smokers are the metal cases for cigarettes which create a very nice impression. They are made with a spring-loaded release button and come with a hinged spine to open up the case for selecting or refilling cigarettes.