Just like everything, there are pros and cons in Linux Laptops too (people who disagree, please bear with us till the end). It is the laptop user who weighs them in a perfect balance to determine whether they’re in their favor or not. Let’s cut the long talk short because we want you to learn the different aspects of Linux devices so that you don’t have a problem while working on it. For that reason, it is about “getting it straight.”

Decide on the purpose the laptop will serve

This is a very basic thought that people often forget when they’re just awed with the advanced kind of laptops available in the markets. No, it’s not wrong to admire the enticing devices or having it in the homes, but the basic thing is – how will it serve? If a clear answer follows this question, then probably the rest can ease off smoothly.

Is it going to be used for heavy office work or will it be for light office tasks, browsing, gaming and others? Ordering a laptop linux preinstalled device is a good idea, but choosing the configuration for that is highly recommended. For instance, if you are extremely comfortable with a 15” screen, then why would you go for a big 17” screen? Similarly, you could think about the other aspects, such as CPU, RAM, hard drive, SSD, Cache, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Linux

  • Open source operating system

  • Less vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks

  • Customization options

  • High-level performance, versatile and stable

  • Utilizes few resources and consumes less memory space

With the above advantages, there are several features of a laptop with Linux OS that will make you a happy user. But, wait a little because we are also coming up with the disadvantages below:

  • Not many games available

  • No developer support for fixing problems

If we compare the advantages, there are very less disadvantages of using Linux laptop. There was a time the users (including you) were completely acquainted with the Windows platform and user interface, to them Linux may offer a different experience and it would take a little time to become habituated to it.

Buying the Linux laptops

As you think to buy Linux laptop from any vendor, there are certainly several factors you need to focus on:

  • Vendor’s record – Once you buy the laptop, you would need an uninterrupted service guarantee for at least 6 years. A popular and genuine vendor would have survived turbulent business situations and will be ready to cater your demands.

  • Review – An independent review of the laptops will help you decide regarding the purchase. Meanwhile, you can discuss it with previous buyers about the laptops sold by the company. You should check for the terms and conditions, payment methods, customer service, hardware quality, certifications and relevant details.

You see that Windows laptops aren’t bad, but they have failed in several sections in terms of performance, but a Linux laptop offers an exciting performance, usability and practicality.

About The Author :-

Pearl Lamey has reviewed various laptops and OS. He terms a laptop with Linux OS would become more popular in the coming days due to its versatile nature. He recommends buyers to buy Linux laptop after a thorough comparison. Besides, he adds that the genuine vendors who supply laptop Linux proletarianized to the customer also offer various discounts for such beneficial deals.