Contradictory to what brands advertise about their lube products, they are hazardous in one or another sense. For example,Paraben, hydroxylethylcellulose, gluconolactone and all tough-pronouncing constituents in the lubricants available in the markets does no good for the sex life. In fact, the women experiencing vaginal dryness would develop yeast infections after using these lubricants. Trying it out in one’s genital is the least thing one should think of.

On the other hand, some people prepare their personal lubricant using the guide books and tutorials over the internet. While some of them may work, some actually may not and cause allergies. Firstly, one should remember that their series of experimentation with lubricants is utterly foolish and it could lead to unwanted situations. Secondly, do not rely on such lubes that contains unheard chemicals.

What is the “nature” of natural lubricant?

Quite a number of “experts” are neither supportive nor against of natural lubricants because they haven’t found any “satisfying” proof. Well, everyone has their opinion on this sort of thing, but we are looking upon the available options that quite a number of people are rooting so dearly.

The good oils considered for lubricant include:

  • Sweet almond oil – In a couple of forums, people have discussed regarding the benefits of sweet almond oil and how it has made orgasm so special. Technically, this oil is pleasant smelling, moisturizing and safe for use. Moreover, it doesn’t leave any residue that might turn problematic later by causing infections.

  • Virgin coconut oil – This one’s beating the almond oil by a number of points. It fares much better because it actually prevents any yeast infection and has the potential to treat the fungal infection as well. Notably, it absorbs into the body, which is a good thing and yes, it is an amazing lubricant that people are really happy about. No mess on the sheets!

Typically, these oils are not just healthy as lubricant, but for other purposes too, such as hair and body. Some may prefer these for a massage before sex. Since these are natural products, they smell good and get absorbed easily, unlike the cheap commercial dirt boxes. So, it can be said that these are the most effect kind of personal natural lubricant that people should prefer over toxic lubricants available in the markets.

Personal preferences may differ and that is why there is a categorization between oil-based and water-based lubricants. Availability of both these categories in the online marketplaces has made them highly popular. The things that consumers should look into while shopping them online include:

  • Certification – Indeed! Just writing “organic/natural” on the profile of a lubricant does not mean it is authentic. USDA certification and its tag on the product certifies its genuineness. Those products without them should be ignored.

  • Testing – Commercial producers test their products on animals, which is a clear violation and should be banned. However, the natural lubricant manufacturer should have done no barbaric animal testing.

Later, comparisons may draw a better deal online.

About The Author :-

Bryan Richard writes about a various topics including food, health, sex, romance and wellness. He has studied a lot about any personal lubricant that is available in the markets and sees no reason why a natural personal lubricant shouldn’t be encouraged over them. However, he does point out the people should only buy the natural lubricants after they find that these USDA certified products.