You don’t have to knee deep into gaming culture to be aware what Nintendo is and what it represent in the gaming world. Lots of us have grown up with consoles and well known classic games by this Japanese gaming giant. Game Boy, Super Nintendo, Game Cube, Nintendo DS, Wii just to name a few are pieces of gaming electronics that many of us had pleasure of using and spending countless hours enjoying virtual worlds and adventures its games have to offer. Innovation has always been one of the basis for Nintendo’s philosophy when it comes to designing and introducing new hardware to the world. And although it is generally a positive trait, as it turned out, innovation is not something that users wanted when their last console WiiU came out. Combining that with bad marketing and inability of Nintendo to communicate properly what sort of gaming system WiiU actually was, it sold rather poorly over its life span, regardless of decent library of exclusive games for the system.

What Is Nintendo Switch?

For Nintendo itself, Switch simply put, needs to be a success. It needs to be high selling gaming consoles with good library of games, online infrastructure and modern features. But most importantly, it needs to have support of third party developers. At this point not much is known about its hardware specifications, since promo video for the console is all we have. But rumors of the system being hybrid of home console and handheld device have turned out to be true. And that is something that seems quite unique and interesting, and could be useful in the long run. Since pocket gaming is still really popular in Japan this is more than a smart move. It’s brilliant idea to offer users one device that will cover their home and on the go gaming needs with just one device and shared game library. It’s cost effective and will be a huge selling point for Switch.

Use And Features

Nintendo Switch is a well designed console, which when undocked from its station can be used as handheld gaming device. All you need to do slide in connect controller parts left and right and you are ready to play games on the go on its built in high quality touch screen. Many gamers are already speculating how long batteries could last on a device with such a large screen and processing power inside, but that remains to be seen. Since console is quite small for today standards, including optical drive was out of question, so system itself won’t use game discs but rather game cartridges similar in design to those of Nintendo 3DS. With introduction of cheap flash memory, capacity of cartridges is not so limited anymore so this decision is something that many experts on this field have seen coming.

Game Line-up

Nintendo is well known for its classic game franchises such as Super Mario Brothers, The Legend Of Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, to name a few. It is expected to see new iterations of many, if not all of them, in the life span of Switch. But will third party developers jump on board with the new system? That is something that remains to be seen in the next few years, since no one really can tell for sure. It is expected to see EA and Ubisoft supporting the system from the get go, most likely with ports of their popular titles, since they did the same with its predecessor WiiU as well. I’m expecting to see good amount of indie developers porting and developing games for the system as well, especially if Nintendo has solution for online marketplace from the start.

Switch is lunching in March 2017. and could be an interesting gaming system. Hype online is already high and people are much more enthusiastic for it than they ever were for WiiU. Nintendo is playing its game well so far, they have clearly communicated what the system is and how it’s used in just few minutes of Switch promo video, and getting rid of motion controls and Wii brand is maybe the smartest move in all of this. March is not far off and in the meantime we can expect more news on the system to be released in the next few months.