Hong Kong Island is a wonderful place for both beginner and seasoned deep sea divers, the very destination that promises to charm every adventure-loving tourist. Often eclipsed by diving hot spots like the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, Hong Kong offers a hidden oceanic gem. It is one of the most accessible and convenient sites for diving, making it a smart choice for rookie divers.

Hong Kong’s waters are home to more than 400 different types of reef fish – higher than those found in the Caribbean – and 80 separate types of coral species. Bright orange clown fish, prickly sea urchins, vibrant anemones, and colorful snappers inhabit Hone Kong waters, ready for spotting. The Island also offers the rare opportunity of sighting stingrays, octopuses and pink dolphins.

The eastern and southern areas of Hong Kong Island are prime diving spots. Large hard and soft coral habitats cover much of Lobster Bay and Hoi Ha Wan, off Clear Water Bay, with more interesting corals existing at deeper levels. The waters are also a favorite of diving instructors for new students.


Waters & Nature


Conditions in Hong Kong are more diverse than many the world’s diving hotspots, making it an optimal training center. Divers must be more alert and buoyant learning to dive in the island’s more algae rich waters, in comparison to bright blue seas elsewhere. As a reward, nation’s waters are full of more nooks and crannies to explore.

In an initiative to keep waters inviting, the Hong Kong government actually protects the nation’s beautiful marine life through its Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. The Department has classified five aquatic parks where fishing is illegal in Hong Kong.

Ideally, Hong Kong’s near tropical environment permits almost year-round diving. Water temperatures drop to below 60 F in the winter months spanning January to March, making dry or semi dry suits a necessity. Temperatures slowly rise each month to reach their hottest in the summer season from June to August, hitting around 85 F, so wet suits can be worn. The Island sees the heaviest amount of diving traffic from March through to November. Although many of the Island’s diving operators offer one-day boat dives with a list of varied trips throughout each season.

Once back on more shallow shores, the beauty of Hong Kong’s beaches are also an appealing aspect for visitors. Clean and orderly sand beaches greet frothy waves, open bays and hidden coves. Many of the beaches are dedicated to surfing and other water sports and easily accessible by public transportation.


Other activities


Finally, when all the diving and water sports becomes too much, Hong Kong is home to the traditional Hong Kong massage to relax away all aches and pains. The city is one of the best places on earth to be pampered and is host to a plethora of traditional Chinese and Hong Kong massage spa’s, for a therapeutic kneading or a reflexology session. Many Hong Kong hotels offer luxurious and indulgent facilities, while drop-in spas are on nearly every street corner for an economical treat.