Here we are discussing ” how to trade in MCX market “. So first principal is maintained the time discipline. You should not trade 24 hours. The right time for the trading 1 to 2 hour and it is sufficient time. You should trade between 6 pm to 8 pm. And should see the last five days commodity charts and movements.

You should see the last five days whole commodity index. When you log in your trading software, set proper market watch and start watching commodity index on right upper corner of the screen.

Whether it goes up and down, first of all, you should see where the market is going or where the index is going then you should go for the particular index then watch percentage gain column. There is a general idea for the understand that which is the strong commodity and which is the weak commodity. After this process see the list of buyers and sellers, how many buyers are there and how many sellers are there.

so if any commodities show positive more than half percent and if buyers are more, then it may be bought. Same as, If any commodity shows negative more than the half percent and sellers are more, then it may be sell. When the market is open in morning trade you should just watch the market strength on the screen because first one-hour market does not set the volume it takes some time for trade so first half and one hour you just check the market, you first decide whether it is buying market or selling market then decide the sector then choose particular commodities.

How to check the strength of any commodities :-

If the market is bullies it means the market is going on buying direction and the more than chances of buying the index . If the marker is trading bearish note it means market going on selling direction and more than chances of selling the index.

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