Here we will know that ” What is The Basic terms of Stock Market “. Every trader who is trading in the stock market, whether Beginner or veteran, should be knowledge about stock market trading terms. It will help you understand the market. So let’s know about what is the basic terms in the stock market.

Bull Market – This trading talk for the stock market trading being in the strong note. The bull market is a period when generally increasing the stock price. and the market goes to the positive direction. This is opposite to bear market.

Bear Market – The bear market is a generally falling in the stock market in the given time period. It is trading talk for in the stock market when the market goes to declining direction.

Averaging Down – The process of buying more shares as the price goes to down direction. This makes it so your average buying price down.

Exchange – Exchange is a place where trade in the different investment. There are mainly to stock exchange an India first one is Bombay Stock Exchange and second one National Exchange India.

Broker – A person who is Buys and Sells your investment like shares in the exchange for a commission.
Day Trading – Day trading is the period of buying and selling a stock within the same day. such that all position are closed before the market closes for the trading day. it is also called intraday trading.

Index – An Index is used to measurement of the value of a section in the stock market. It is also used to describe the stock market. Generally, Sensex and Nifty index are used in the Indian stock market.

Volatility – Its refers to the price movements of a stock market. The higher volatile stocks are ones with extreme daily up and down movements and wide intraday trading ranges.

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