15 Best Factors to improve website’s SEO for free

Search engine optimization(SEO):

It is a set of conditions that can be followed by website/Blog owners to optimize their websites for search engines and thus improve their search engine rankings. This includes configuration settings you have to implement on the website is termed as On page SEO and techniques you should utilize outside the borders of the website is termed as Off page SEO.

15 Best Factors to improve website’s SEO for free

1.Find better Keywords:

 SEO keywords are the key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your website via search engines. Keywords are one of the main elements of SEO.

Below noted are the best Keyword planner tools

  • Google keyword planner
  • Bing keyword research

2.Delete duplicate content:

Duplicate content can create a lot of problems for search engines, and so for the best SEO results, you should remove it from your Web site.

3.Fix 404 errors:

These errors are like dead ends, and nobody likes dead ends. Again, refer to Google Search Console for help, set up 301 redirects where necesarry to close the gaps here.

4.Unique Title tag for every page:

Every page should have a title tag, of fewer than 70 characters, that describes the page, features the desired keyword and is unique from every other title tag on your website.

5.Write an impressive Description for every page:

Every page should also have a Meta description, under 160 characters, that more elaborately describes the page. So, ensure that your Meta descriptions are unique, brief and impressive.

6.Clean URL structure:

Your URL structure can influence how your site is seen and how your pages are valued. Your URLs will have a breadcrumbs path and feature readable indicators of the content on the web page, such as the web page title. Avoid making use of numbers or random strings of text for your URLs.

7.Update your blog regularly:

More/Fresh content, so long as it’s useful to readers, is not a bad thing. Google recently launched an algorithm update that seems to want fresh content material, so maintaining your blog up-to-date is more valuable than ever before.

8.Include HTML header tags like HI, H2, H3, etc. :

Your content should be logically divided into subsections, with headlines and sub-heads. These need to be marked with html tags (H1, H2, H3, and etc.) to help Google process and realize the goal and creation of your content.

9.Add Internal Links:

Linking together the related pages of your website is just right for user experience, and helps Google well understand relationships between pages on your website. The process of adding the URL link to the selected text in the post is called Anchor text. Now I’m adding the existing article, digital marketing for exsiting bussiness in our blog

10.Optimize the images:

Image when added to a post with a certain consideration, will help understand your article a lot. Even a dull article looks spice with a strong image.  Title them appropriately, add descriptive, add alt tag and keep them in the proper format. These all factors contribute to a better SEO.

11.Mentioning Reference for Outside Sources:

Google pays consideration to what you hyperlink to in an editorial. Citing authoritative sources to again up your claims will make your content more trustworthy to Google as well as to your readers.

12.Add Social Media integrations:

Each article on your web site must be attached with the help of social share icons; social shares serve as indirect ranking indicators, supplying you with the possibility to earn extra back-links, which pass influence back to your website.

13.Optimize your website loading speed:

This may also be as simple or as complex as you’re making it; there are several approaches to make a website faster, like reducing image sizes, including a caching plugin, switching website hosting providers and deleting useless plugins.

14.Optimize your website for mobiles:

The majority of internet usage occurs on mobile devices. So, if your site doesn’t display attractively for mobile users, you could be missing out a huge traffic. Also, Google will not display your website prominently in mobile search results if your website isn’t mobile-optimized.

15.Remove bad links:

Use Google Search Console to down load a list of hyperlinks to your website. Then, review your hyperlink profile and identify “bad” hyperlinks from low-authority sources. Remove them manually or via an e-mail request to the webmaster.

The above stated are 15 best factors to improve website’s SEO for free. Thinking about is waste of time. So, it’s the time to implement these factors on your Website.

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